oh also, very important, this is diavolo

i want to fuck kyr

i get a lot of shit in jojo fandom for my diavolo opinions. ask me about them sometime

my follower count has experienced a lot of turmoil (ive lost + gained roughly an equal amount but in large amounts both ways) so this might be a good time for an introduction. ok 4:30 am might not be a good time but this is a good time for ppl following me

hello, i am conor, i am 20. i attend SCAD and do blog about it on occasion. im an agender demiboy and currently use he/his pronouns, though ive been shopping around for neopronouns to try out so this might change in the near future. i am nonhuman and fictionkin, but i keep that off this blog. i got engaged to one of my partners before we even started dating and this says quite a lot about myself.

i have dysthymia & depersonalization disorder coupled with extreme anxiety and paranoia. i am not currently on any medication or in any sort of therapy and am not currently financially capable of having either of these things, and mostly cope on my own terms. i have been diagnosed with a personality disorder but i do not personally agree with the diagnosis.

as a result i can often come off as extremely hostile or negative in interactions, especially if i am not familiar with you. this is usually because i incorrectly perceive you as being hostile in kind. i am working on this but i make mistakes. i am actually very friendly despite this and really do appreciate and enjoy interactions with others on the blue website. let’s be friends.

i sell honey. this is my primary source of income.

i hope u enjoy your time following me, conor diavolofucker

chronic-cat-lady asked: Is rift any good? I haven't heard anything about it o:

i am having quite a bit of fun but it is VERY world of warcraft. however it’s wow in a lot of ways that i liked wow (small fiddly flavor ideas like an unstreamlined loot system, achievements, talent micromanagement, exploration), and it is f2p unlike wow

it’s an extremely good f2p mmo. im worried about the cash shop aspects but it seems to be good about incentivizing things i want to buy but arent necessary for success in the game. lots of aesthetic choices vs plain gameplay boosts. i hope there is a way to earn credits during gameplay

also holy shit the housing system is fucking incredible

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*notices like two drops of standing water in this cup* *brain declares that insects have laid their eggs in it and im about to swallow mosquitos* great

4 am is very quiet….. shit i forgot to teeth

also i took a nap at 9 pm and woke up at 1 am and now im wide awake. don’t be me

i want to be known to everyone as a nebulous being that just wants to fuck diavolo. u cant attach a face to diavolo fucking

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i would reblog that “reblog my best selfie” game but i take great pride in never tagging any of my selfies. you would literally have to go to someone else’s blog to reblog my best selfie

none pizza fandom left your beef
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hi hi hi

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We are not “actually cis,” we are not “trying to be afab trans women,” we are real people with a unique set of experiences and issues.

I for one had been an nb girl for two and a half years before I’d even heard of #myc. Nobody EVER fucking insinuates that afab nb men are incoherent or invalid like they do to us.